Darek Ambroziak

An organizational psychologist, he has always been fascinated with societal life and business. Passionate about individual work on managers’ development and the changes they go through. Focusing on boosting organizational performance – including by enhancing the level of cooperation – for over 20 years in his work. Manages the Gauss Institute, and is responsible for building customer relations.

dr Victor Wekselberg

An organizational psychologist with over 40 years of experience. Working on the development of organizations, teams, and people based on his own concepts of cooperation and motivation.

The Gauss Institute

We apply the knowledge and methods of organizational psychology, and data gathered in companies, in our everyday work. Advanced statistical methods are used in our analyses. The Institute is named after the great German scholar Carl Friedrich Gauss, creator of – among other things – the Gaussian distribution.


Mała książeczka o współpracy
Autorzy: Victor Wekselberg, Jacek Wasilewski. Difin (2021)
Pięć wymiarów człowieka
Autorzy: Darek Ambroziak, Victor Weskelberg, Jacek Wasielewski (2022, w druku)
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